AIM XP is a trade show and event exclusively for members of the AIM Smarter distributor community. The goal for this annual event is to create a space for members to come together and connect with industry suppliers, learn new skills, and advance their businesses.

Made virtual in light of COVID-19, the second annual AIM XP took place from June 1-4, 2021 and offered 4 days of trade show exhibitions, educational sessions, keynote speakers, and other dynamic opportunities for promo product distributors. Each day featured a variety of individual events, with separate registration so attendees could pick and choose based on their interests and availability.

In planning the second annual AIM XP, my role was to lead all design as well as assist in creating an overall marketing plan and calendar. I worked in tandem with our senior designer to ensure the event identity was unique, without straying from AIM’s brand identity. I also worked alongside our project managers and event coordinators to create a marketing timeline based on their vision for the event and their attendance goals.

Rethinking The Brand

In designing the event identity for the second annual AIM XP, the goal was to add a fresh twist on the previous year’s look, while also ensuring this virtual trade show stood out from the dozens of other virtual conferences and trade shows in the industry.

To represent AIM XP’s dynamic, innovative feel, I went with bright colors, fun gradients, and simple geometric shapes to use throughout the event marketing. We combined these elements with photos and other embellishments when advertising specific elements of the event schedule, such as keynote and education sessions, round table sessions, and the closing happy hour.

The gradients for AIM XP aligned with the gradient motifs used in AIM’s other marketing materials, while incorporating a vibrant new color scheme that helped to set it apart and demonstrate the fresh, fun elements of the event. Straying away from the standard color palette of red and primary colors allowed the event to stand out from AIM’s usual events and webinars, generating more excitement for the event from the AIM community.

The Event Marketing

In addition to design and branding, I worked with the team to plan the event’s marketing timelines, channels, and strategy. AIM XP’s marketing included email, social media, and a website. We leveraged our members-only Facebook group to advertise the event in a forum that we knew was being utilized by our members. We also marketed the event on our public Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Additionally, we created a unique swag box as a giveaway for early registrants, to help drive attendance. 

I designed the weekly emails and social media reminders for the weeks prior to the event. Additionally, during each day of the event, a social post with that day's sessions was published to encourage last minute registrants. These final posts proved to be a big help in driving last-minute attendance. 👍

Social Media

Email Marketing

Web Design

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Goals & Results

We exceeded our registration goal of 160 attendees per day with flying colors, averaging 195 registrants per day! Day 1 of the event peaked with 282 registrants. Over 19% of AIM’s 2,200 members attended at least one session. Spikes in registration coincided with days AIM deployed an email and/or social media post about the event.

The second annual AIM XP was a success. Through my collaboration with the events team, senior designer, copywriter, and project managers, we created a one-of-a-kind event that provided a space for virtual connection, learning, and growth! 🌟