Healthcare Foundation of the Oranges

When Healthcare Foundation of the Oranges (HCFO) rebranded and needed a new website, we all had the following goals in mind when designing and developing their new website.


  • To create a new look, that would differentiate them from their previous owners, East Orange Hospital.
  • To appeal to the groups and individuals aiming to improve the overall health of the community that HCFO may want to align themselves with and partner with.
  • To speak to those in the community, who may be in need of assistance from HCFO.

With that in mind, I created a website design that lived up to the challenge while utilizing some of the fun elements from the HCFO new identity system created by my colleagues at The Artoholiks.

  • Bright colors and photographs help break up the text into easily digestible bites. A few other fun flourishes are sprinkled throughout the site.
  • A heart shaped live-map framing the community served by the HCFO was one of the more technical stand-outs.
  • Using a live Google Map helped us give better context in identifying areas being served.
  • Simple animations give quick and helpful feedback to users after they tap, hover, or click an interactive page element.

Responsive To The Visitor's Needs

With a target demographic being communities in need, we targeted low-end, and older phones on slower 3G networks when it comes to the design and performance of the site. This influenced a few elements during the design process, namely restricting our typefaces and limiting any other external resources that would need to be loaded. With loading times over 3G at about three seconds, Our tests showed our website performing better than the top-performing websites in the Health industry, according to Google.

With accessibility top of mind for the client and myself, we also implemented an automatic translation feature for two more popular languages in the area, Spanish and Haitian. This ensures that the website can reach the broadest audience possible.

Web Design


Role: Lead Web Designer

Agency: The Artoholiks